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5 Star Review
at Performance Toyota Bountiful

We'll put a smile on your face!  Every Customer... Every Vehicle... Every Day!

Cheyenne Augustyne Sandberg left a 5 Star Review at Toyota Bountiful
Cheyenne Augustyne Sandberg

"YOU GUYS. I've said it before, and now I'm definitely going to say it again... When you're ready to buy a new car, and even when your car needs serviced... Go to Toyota Bountiful! If they sold lottery tickets there I would for sure be buying, because every time I leave I'm shocked at the luck I have with them. While in all honesty, I know it's not even luck; it's just their all around good character and care for their customers. Go in there. Ask for KC, the general manager. And if you happen to back your new car into a parked moving truck, ask for Steve. Not saying I did that or anything..... just throwing it out there. Seriously, every time I leave there I'm smiling and then laughing at myself for crying, because they take such good care of me. Write their names down. You're going to need a car and maybe even a new paint job eventually. Trust me on this."

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